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Your ideal presidential candidate

Posted by Chance on April 20, 2007

Click here to find out who your ideal presidential candidate is.

My top match was Republican candidate and libertarian Ron Paul, which was no surprise.

I had a match of 76% with Tom Tancredo, who I had never heard of. However, my wife told me there was a guy from Colorado running for the Presidency, and it turns out this is him. Neat.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find html for the page, so I will do a crude copy and paste.

1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
2. Ron Paul (78%) (Member of libertarian party and Repub. candidate for President)
3. Tom Tancredo (76%)
4. Kent McManigal (75%)
5. Chuck Hagel (75%)
6. John McCain (72%)
7. Mitt Romney (70%)
8. Newt Gingrich (66%)
9. Duncan Hunter (66%)
10. Sam Brownback (65%)
11. Fred Thompson (59%)
12. Rudolph Giuliani (52%)
13. Mike Huckabee (48%)
14. Jim Gilmore (46%)
15. Tommy Thompson (44%)
16. Bill Richardson (44%)
17. Christopher Dodd (38%)
18. Al Gore (35%)
19. John Edwards (34%)
20. Barack Obama (33%)
21. Hillary Clinton (32%)
22. Dennis Kucinich (28%)
23. Joseph Biden (27%)
24. Wesley Clark (25%)
25. Mike Gravel (15%)
26. Elaine Brown (9%)

Note: The hardest question for me was #3, on balancing civil liberties vs. security. I feel that I am somewhere between the libertarians and conservatives on this. I realize the importance of protecting civil liberties, but I may favor some sacrifices. The first time I favored security and Tancredo was my top person. When I switched to civil liberties Paul was on the top.

Hat tip to Neil Simpson.

Update: Supposedly, Tancredo is really tough on immigration, and that is what he is known for here in Colorado, whereas I’m for a more open immigration policy (but still believe people should do it legally.)

Update 2: After you finish filling out the quiz, it takes you to some advertisement page. There should be a link near the top of the page that you can click to skip all that stuff.


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