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The new judgmentalism

Posted by Chance on March 15, 2013

Many Christians have learned not to be judgmental about the “usual sins.”  We’ve learned how to be more graceful with those who commit sexual sins, or are addicted to alcohol or other substances.  However, this has been replaced by judgment toward other sins.  

Many Christians in the blogosphere have posted about the sin of gluttony and/or how sexual sin isn’t the only thing they have to look out for.  And they are right.  But it seems like some bloggers and many commenters chime in with glee about how wrong it is to eat a bacon cheeseburger.  Some have even suggested that the food Chik Fil A serves produces the sin of gluttony while standing against the sin of homosexuality.  

First of all, in many cases, the sin of food and the sins involving sexuality are, in some ways the same, but in some ways different.  The sins of sexuality involve more explicit boundaries.  God says that we are to have sexual relations with our wife or husband, and that’s it.  There are still many reasonable questions in the Christian community concerning sexuality, even involving husband and wife, but for the most part, God’s commands are pretty clear.  

Things are different with food.  Is it a sin to eat a bacon cheeseburger?  No, I don’t think so.  At least not necessarily.  Is it a sin to eat 3 a day?  Well, probably.  But issues with food are different.  Sexual sins are different in that I can’t display sexuality in moderation.  I sleep with my wife.  No one else.  I am commanded not to even look at a woman lustfully.  It is not like it is okay to lust after a woman, as long as I do it only once a day.  On the other hand, I don’t believe I’m sinning by eating a bacon cheeseburger or a deep fried chicken sandwich, in moderation.  

Sexual sin and gluttony are similar, in that, anytime I try to find satisfaction, apart from God, that is sinful behavior.  But also, I have to take care of my body, including being mindful of my diet.  Usually the former will lead to the latter.  That is, if I try to fill some need by food, that will lead to issues with moderation.  

People always tend to be more judgmental toward the sin that they do not struggle with.  Sometimes this judgment is complemented by a lack of understanding about the sin.  So, many are quick to point out how sinful overeating, or even being overweight, is.  And really, a lot of it is just old-fashioned be mean to overweight people disguised as Christianity.


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