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My thoughts on “throwing your vote away”

Posted by Chance on July 23, 2016


Many people I know are not crazy about Trump but do not want Hillary to win, so they see no choice but to vote for Trump, and a vote otherwise is a “vote for Hillary.” The frontrunners are Clinton and Trump, so I see the logic in “not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary”, I do. But here is why I’m voting third party anyway.

If a large number of people in a party are unhappy with their candidate, in the long run, it doesn’t do the party any service to vote for them anyway. If we have a system in which the party knows we will vote for whoever they send out there, nothing will ever change. For some people like myself, it is demoralizing to think that we need to vote for our major party’s (or the one closet to our beliefs) candidate no matter what. It is a sense of feeling stuck in a system.

Also, I’m taking a longer view. Mine is not a four year strategy, but a 12 or 16 year strategy. If we really do want an end to the two-party system (and I know not all of us do), that’s probably not going to happen in one election. If you happen to agree with the Libertarian or Green party, your candidate will not win this election, but if they get substantial support, that provides momentum for the next election. If they do well enough in the polls, they can participate in the debates and get their ideas out there.

Another point is that during the nomination process, it seemed that Trump would be one of the lesser popular candidates in a general election, with other Republican nominees appearing more favorable to the general public. However, people chose him because he reflected their beliefs, but by doing so, it gave the GOP a smaller chance to win. So, why is it okay to vote your conscience during the nomination process, but not during the general election?

As far as Supreme Court justices,

No I’m not saying Trump is as bad as Sauron, I’m just posing the rhetorical question of at what point do you note vote for someone you disagree with because of potential Supreme Court nominees?

Finally, if both major party candidates are really that bad, isn’t it actually better that your party loses? I’m closer to the GOP than the Democrats. Long term, I think a disastrous Hillary presidency will be better for the GOP than a disastrous Trump presidency.  However, at this point, I’m rooting more for a third party to come about as a result, or for the current GOP to change drastically.

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