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I miss my blogging buddy

Posted by Chance on May 14, 2009

My friend Josh, who I have known since kindergarten, got me seriously into blogging about 3 and a half years ago.  Josh ran the now defunct Gabbatha University.  It was nice having a blogging buddy, someone I knew in real life (although lived in different states at this point).  It was a nice way to stay connected with a friend.  For some reason though, he deleted his blog and I haven’t heard from him in some time.  I suppose I should give him a call sometime.  I still enjoy blogging, but no one else I know in person does it, so sometimes I feel alone in the blogosphere.  Blogging provides the dimension of me pouring out my thoughts and it is really one of the few outlets of creativity for someone not very creative.  It no longer has the social dimension it used to.  I suppose that is why social networking sites are popular.  People can stay connected with friends through photos and more trivial type blogs, as opposed to reading each others’ long political ramblings.

Anyway Josh, if you happen to read this, you are missed.  And I’m sorry my Nuggets beat your Mavs.  Well, not really.


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