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Living in Colorado

Posted by Chance on July 16, 2010

After growing up in Oklahoma for a little over twenty years and living in Texas a short time, my wife and I moved to Colorado and have lived there for over five years. I honestly don’t know if there is any other place I’d rather live.

Probably my favorite thing about Colorado is the weather. While most people think of Colorado as being extremely cold, the winters, as well as the summers, are not that extreme. The lack of humidity makes the winters feel less cold and the summers feel less hot. Sure, there is the occasional blizzard, but I try not to drive in those.

What is so great about this weather is that, during the summer, I can play in the backyard with my kids at seven o’clock in the evening without being drenched in sweat.

Another thing is the scenery. Being able to see the mountains from the office building in which I work will never get old.

Because of the scenery and the weather, many people here are into the outdoors and fitness. I tend to be a little more of an indoors type person, and I’ve never been a huge runner, hiker, or biker. Because of this, sometimes I feel it is a little harder for me to fit in. At times I do feel a little out of place when others talk about all their activities, though others have never done anything to make me feel that way.

The hardest part about living in Colorado has nothing to do with the state itself, but living so far from a lot of family. Most of the family has been supportive and understanding of us living so far away. It is hard though only seeing family every so often. Despite this, we feel that we are in the right place.

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