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Where is this loving all-powerful force?

Posted by Chance on October 5, 2009

I haven’t been posting very much lately; I haven’t felt particularly inspired.  I would say this will be my last post in a while, but it seems that every time I say that all of a sudden I get inspired to start writing again, and I look silly.

Basically, people have philosophical and empirical arguments why they believe the way they do politically.  When it all comes down to it, people are going to believe the way they do based on their perception of the world.

My beliefs started to take on a more libertarian nature as I was finishing up school and getting into the world of work.  The idea of limited government was something I learned as a young child and tended to forget all those ideas over the course of time, but they stuck with me.  This included the idea that the fewer rules you have, the better off things are.  I believe this with football and I believe it with society as a whole.  I’ve always believed that man is inherently sinful, and because of this, I have a distrust of human nature.  Humans in power are always scarier than humans left alone.

At the center of our debate in American society is whether or not we can trust government to make decisions for us, whether people believe it or not.  Part of the problem is people don’t realize that they are giving the government more power when they actually are.  The same people who say giving the government more financial responsibility over a matter does not mean it has more control, these are the same people who insist the government does have a right to control something once it has invested in the matter.

At the end of the day, all we know is based on how we perceive the world.  We can have profound philosophical arguments and provide empirical evidence backing up this view or that view.  All I know is that, in my limited experience, bureaucracy is an ugly thing.  Sometimes bureaucracy is necessary, but I believe a bureaucrat has way more power over my life than a CEO.  A CEO of Pepsi or Time Warner or Exxon can never tell me I don’t have the necessary documentation to get a drivers license or threaten to throw me in jail for making a mistake on my taxes when it really wasn’t my mistake.   I never have to take a day off work to stand in line and buy groceries.

Of course, we do need some government in our lives, so the debate is where and how much.  I do know this though; in my experience I have never known of a problem to get better as government gets more involved.  I’ve never known of government agencies to get more efficient or streamlined over time.

When it comes to government, I feel much like the atheist.  Like the supposed “free thinking” scientists who look for a shred of visible evidence that a benevolent all powerful being exists, I do much the same in search of this omni-capable benevolent force that people trust in so much.  “Where is the evidence that such a loving and all-powerful being exists” I ask.  I keep searching for a shred of evidence, and I just don’t see it.


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