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Why I’m not an Apple Music subscriber

Posted by Chance on January 2, 2016

I normally buy 1 or 2 albums a month, so subscribing to Apple Music would probably make financial sense for me.  But why don’t I?

To explain this, let’s go back to the Napster days.  I could download any song I want for free.  This made music discovery great, but it also made music disposable.  It would be no big deal for me to download a song and only listen to it once.  I had a catalog of songs that really didn’t mean anything to me.

Once I had a full time job, I decided to only get songs that I purchased legitimately.  It trimmed down my catalog, but I only had songs that I thought were worth purchasing.

And that’s the issue with Apple Music.  I can download almost any song I want; getting music is that easy.  It’s great for discovering new music, or avoiding purchases on albums that I just don’t like.  At the same time, however, I have a catalog of songs that don’t mean that may have little worth to me.  Instead of having a smaller catalog of albums or songs that have enough value for me to pay for them; I have a huge catalog of albums that I may never actually take the time to listen to all the way through.

However, I still like the idea of being able to listen to essentially any album I want, or at least test driving an album.  For that, the Spotify streaming option on my PC is sufficient for me.  For albums that I truly enjoy, I’ll make the financial investment.  If I was willing to spend the money, I would probably pay for the Apple Music subscription.  Right now, however, it’s a choice between Apple Music or buying albums, and I’ll pick the latter.


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