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Types of people that annoy me

Posted by Chance on July 30, 2010

In blogging, I run across different types of people.  It has been enlightening meeting different types of people with different ideas.  Typically, people who have different opinions don’t annoy me too much, but certain characteristics I see.  Today, I’m going to focus on my “own people” if you will.

The Republican homer. The term “homer” is borrowed from sports fandom, in which someone believes their sports team can do no wrong.  These people will take to task the Democrats for out-of-control spending and running up the national debt.  However, when someone brings up the Republicans, they will talk about how that was different, or how it wasn’t as bad, etc…   While sometimes nuances are important, they will find everything they can about why it was “different” when Bush was in office.

Why does this bother me?  For one, someone debating ideas wastes a lot of valuable time simply defending their team.  If they talked more about their ideas and less about their party, they would be so much more effective.  Also, any idea or belief is less effective if you do not apply it consistently.  If you hate big spending, don’t be afraid to mention that Bush spent too much.  I’m not saying that someone has to say something bad their own party every time they talk about the other one, but if someone brings your own party to task for the same things you are talking about, don’t be afraid to agree with them.  The goal is ideas, not defending your team.

For the second type of person…  In an episode of the Simpsons, Marge is trying to get into this exclusive women’s club.  Her initiation is almost at hand when she has to take her family to dinner.   Before the dinner she’s telling her family basically not to do this or that to embarrass her, such as asking Lisa not to talk politics with anyone.

The apologist apologizer (apologist is someone in apologetics)is what reminds me of Marge in this episode.  The apologizer is someone who is mostly conservative or at least leans to the right, but has a lot of liberal followers.  This person is always apologizing to his or her liberal friends for the conservative ones.  They feel that they always have to pipe in, in the event that a conservative says something to harsh.  The good thing is that they are always trying to build bridges with their liberal friends, but at the same time, it is as if they reluctantly bring their conservative friends to the dinner party, and they are always afraid of what the conservative is going to say to ruffle the feathers of the liberal ones.   I don’t enjoy going to this type of blog any longer.


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