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Should conservatives sound their trumpets?

Posted by Chance on July 30, 2010

One of the annoying things in political debates is when conservatives/libertarians are accused of not caring about the poor.  Whether or not their policies are helpful toward the poor can be a valid debate, but I don’t feel the evidence is there to support the charge of “not caring.”

Unfortunately, this puts the low-tax/free market sort in a bad position.  Do we answer this charge?  Could doing so make our opinions seem more valid.  In Matthew 6 Jesus talked about not doing your good deeds to be seen by other people.  This would seem to discourage bragging about giving, even if it is in a collective sense.  Also, it can be counter-productive; instead of talking about ideas, conservatives and liberals are in a contest to see who gives more.

When it comes to economic policies on the whole, I don’t know if private giving matters to liberals.  They believe the best way ( or even if not “best”, at least necessary) to help people is through governmental means.  Also, I’ve found that if people want to believe that conservatives are generally mean people and don’t care about others, they will continue to believe so no matter the evidence to the contrary.

When it comes to the pro-life issue, however, I believe highlighting efforts apart from the governmental arena is important.  I think it is important for pro-lifers to show that they truly care about both woman and child.  Why Planned Parenthood is a shining example of taking care of the least of these and Crisis Pregnancy Centers are not “playing fair” is beyond me.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to motivation.  We hate being depicted as mean, so we offer evidence that shows otherwise.  I don’t think this is a good reason; I don’t believe in image maintenance.  However, as in the pro-life issue, showing care for others in a visible way may be very important.


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