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Liquor Wars in Colorado

Posted by Chance on March 29, 2010

Currently in Colorado only 3.2 % beer is allowed in grocery stores.  Many people want this law repealed, so that grocery stores can sell full strength beer, wine, and other forms of alcohol.

Naturally, liquor store owners don’t want this to pass because they fear it will put them out of business.

Here’s the thing.  Government shouldn’t exist to provide an artificial advantage to one business over another.  Out of the multiple reasons to outlaw full strength alcohol in a grocery store, providing an economic advantage to liquor store owners should be the last, yet it seems to be the one argument keeping things the status quo.

A free market works best when it is allowed to provide what the customers want, and jobs are a natural side effect from this.  If people are so concerned about liquor store owners, why not take their logic to the extreme.  Why not outlaw deodorant sales in grocery stores, causing deodorant stores to crop up, giving people an opportunity to own and operate deodorant stores?   Why is that crazy but not our current system?


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