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Various thoughts on masculinity, Christian music, God’s glory

Posted by Chance on February 15, 2010

One thing that the Christian music industry needs more of is excitement.  It needs more artists willing to push the envelope in a musical fashion.  For some reason, many artists of “Christian music” don’t do this too often.  For yet another unknown reason, the artists who “happen to be Christian” often do, such as U2, The Fray, Mat Kearney, and Switchfoot.  When I say “push the envelope”, I don’t mean thrash metal, or anything like Radiohead who goes off the deep end frequently ( I personally sort of like Radiohead, although I don’t like the mood I get from listening to them).  I just mean, not only have something to say with your lyrics, but have something to say with the music itself.  U2’s sound is always changing, The Fray brought back piano rock, Mat Kearney mixes folk and hip hop.

Switchfoot is another one of the innovative bands.  Whether they are even considered “Christian music” or not I don’t even know, but they are one of the few bands associated with Christianity who are willing to experiment and do different things with their music.  I did a review of their album Oh! Gravity a while back.   They have another album out called Hello Hurricane.  I don’t think I like it quite as much as Oh! Gravity, but it is still a really good album.  I may do a more in-depth review later.  Their single “Mess of Me”, I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan, but at the very least, it is an exciting, edgy song.

It may have to do with masculinity.  I have a feeling I may be getting into controversial territory, but bear with me.  The book Wild at Heart by John Elderidge talks about how the man yearns for excitement and adventure (He asserts that women do as well although in a different manner).  Now, this search for excitement and adventure can take on different forms.  It doesn’t mean we all have to be in extreme sports or get tattoos or even like a particular type of music.  For me personally, I’m not athletic, I don’t get inked, and I work in an office with AC, but I like my music to not be boring.  I like music with a sense of adventure, and to me personally, a lot of that is lacking in Christian music today.

I think an idea that gets looked over is that God can be glorified through art itself, not just what the art is about.  If a beautiful painting is done, can God only be glorified because that painting happens to be of a church, or of Jesus?  Sometimes I wonder if Christian artists think God can only be glorified through explicit Christian lyrics, and not through simply beautiful music.


One Response to “Various thoughts on masculinity, Christian music, God’s glory”

  1. phoosh11 said

    ” I think an idea that gets looked over is that God can be glorified through art itself, not just what the art is about.”

    I agree 100 percent. Thanks for writing.

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