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Speaking of hate

Posted by Chance on August 28, 2009

CNN was doing a story on a documentary “Anatomy of Hate” in which various topics such as terrorism, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and anti-gay activists are discussed.  I haven’t seen the movie and the website is not loading for me, but what I hope isn’t the case is that the filmmaker equates all people disagreeing with homosexuality with nutcases like Fred Phelps or those who kill gay people.

That is something I see at times, where people are divided into two categories:  either you have no issues with someone being gay, or you hate gay people and are classified along with people like those who killed Matthew Shepard. (For the record, one commenter here, who happens to be gay, I think is more open-minded than that).  For some, the idea that you can not hate someone, or even care about them, yet disagree with their lifestyle, seems to boggle their mind.  These people either must agree with everyone’s lifestyle, or they must hate many people themselves, or they’ve never had a loved one make poor choices in life.   I don’t understand how people who talk of love and tolerance declare somebody public enemy number one when they mention that they disagree with their lifestyle, as we’ve seen in the past year.

Don’t get me wrong, the homosexual community has received plenty of hate.  Jesus calls on us to love everyone, and to go even as far as loving our enemies.  Unfortunately many Christians seem to pick on the sins that they themselves do not struggle with (then again, as we’ve seen, some do).  They pick on homosexuality without looking at crumbling marriages around them or at their own pornography addiction.


2 Responses to “Speaking of hate”

  1. Neil said

    Good points, Chance. That is a false dichotomy perpetuated by the gay lobby and ignorant folks. There is at least one other option, the Christian one.

    Re. your last paragraph: I’m sure that some people fit that category but no one comes to mind. It reminds me of the critics of Focus on the Family or Family Life Today. Just scan their last 30 Podcast titles. How many are “anti-gay?” (I use quotes because they really just demonstrate the biblical view of sexuality.) Then count all the ones that address better marriages and parenting.

  2. Chance said

    Yeah, I don’t know if I’m happy with my last paragraph. I guess what I mean to say is that a group can feel hated if Christians tend to pick on that sin. From the Christians’ point of view however, it may not be an issue of hate, just a matter of priorities and focus.

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