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Looking at all sides of the issue

Posted by Chance on June 27, 2009

I don’t want to get into the debate right now about whether or not the media has a liberal slant or not, but I do believe that news stories tend to favor more taxes and government funding.  The reason I say this is that the local and national news will often focus on how lack of government funding hurts this or that program.  That’s fine, but I wish they would focus on the other side as well, how higher taxes and fees can hurt people as well.

Case in point: our cat ran away earlier this week.  We are usually really careful keeping the cat inside, because cats have a somewhat shorter life span being outdoor cats, at least in our area of Colorado, due to foxes, coyotes, and the like.  Anyway, our cat ran away, and my wife found his picture on the humane society website.  She goes to pick up the cat, and due to a new license law passed for cats this month, getting the cat back was more expensive.

The thing is, it seems somewhat unlikely that the news will report on the probability that there will be fewer adopted pets and even claimed pets due to a higher adoption cost, whereas we would likely see a story about how the humane society is struggling due to lack of funding and how the city or state needs to fund them more.

I’m not saying the license law should or shouldn’t be passed, I just think the news needs to look at the apparent good and bad of what government does.  We here about how schools need to be funded more or how these people are suffering because some government program is not in place, but we never hear about the mountain of regulation businesses face or how some poor person can’t practice their trade because of certain licensing laws.  We hear about the high price of gas at the pump and how corporations are making so much profit, but it is rarely talked about how government makes more at the pump than anyone.

I don’t quite understand this slant in reporting.  Maybe it is because people naturally think that anytime something bad happens, government should ensure that that bad thing never happens again.  I think the news caters to this.


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