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I see the pro-choicers’ point

Posted by Chance on June 4, 2009

I have blogged about the whole idea of conservatives caring about the unborn after they are born here and here.  And to be fair, I see the pro-choicers’ point.  People who are truly passionate about the pro-life issue should not only attack it from a criminalization perspective.  The whole issue of abortion is more than “don’t do it.”  As my pastor pointed out, if an unwed expectant mother comes into the church and says she is thinking about an abortion, the church should not simply respond with “don’t do it.”  The church should be there to help and support her.  Christianity is more than simply saying “this is wrong”, it is about caring for people.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Pro-choicers will use someone’s stance on other issues in order to undermine their pro-life stance.  They will say that someone has no right to oppose abortion unless they agree with them on socialized health care, welfare, etc…  You must not only care for the unborn after they are born, but you must do so in exactly the way they say ( you know, the whole argument about conservatives not caring about the poor since they don’t support welfare to the degree they do, etcetera, etcetera ).

But, if abortion is only tackled through the political arena, then I think it is – I will speak to the Christians here – Christians simply spouting off “this is okay and that is wrong” instead of being involved and helping the people in the situations.  It is a combination of truth and grace – loving others yet sticking to what one believes is right.

No one ever has to apologize for choosing on the side of life in any instance, but I can understand that if someone is pro-life yet doesn’t care about helping the mother or the unborn child, abortion simply becomes an issue in which we take our side and stand on our soapbox, instead of actually becoming involved.


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