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Posted by Chance on May 20, 2009

I know I’m posting about this about 3 days too late, but it concerns Obama speaking at Notre Dame and the protestors.  I know when Bush was president many people protested his commencement speeches, as well as other Republicans.

I think when it comes to protests they should be done so in a civil manner.  If someone is arrested for trespassing they may not be doing so in the right way.  If someone tries to physically prevent someone from reaching their destination, i.e. a politician from getting to their speaking appointment, I believe that is wrong.  And, most definitely, if someone prevents another person from speaking, I believe that is, in most cases, wrong.  It’s simply a matter of not being rude.  You don’t interrupt somebody when their talking, you learn that when you are 2 or 3, and the principle still applies.  I tried to google the Notre Dame event to see if that happened or not.  I know it has happened plenty of times before with certain politicians and speakers.

The thing is, people think that the veracity of their beliefs give them the right to disrespect other people.  Whether you are protesting waterboarding or abortion, even if you believe you have the moral high ground, even if you do have the moral high ground, our governmental leaders demand a certain amount of respect, based on biblical teachings on government in Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2.  That doesn’t mean we can’t challenge our leaders or question them, but we should do so respectfully.

Concerning protests at graduation ceremonies or other events, I think wearing a cross with infant footprints on your cap is okay (barring some restrictions that the university may have on say, commencement attire).  Standing up during a commencement speech, well, that’s a gray area in my opinion.

People have a right to protest, but they shouldn’t ignore rules of civility they learned as a toddler.


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