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Microsoft Fail

Posted by Chance on May 14, 2009

Microsoft Vista is considered the biggest tech failure of the past decade according to some guy.

I don’t have Windows Vista myself, I still run XP at work and home.  However, a shared computer at work and my mom’s laptop both run Vista.  When I first played with it, I thought “Vista isn’t as bad as I thought!”  However, that was first glance.  After a short amount of time, I have noticed that Vista on both those machines are ridiculously slow.  It would often lockup, forcing me to try a reboot or logon/logoff.  Simple tasks like opening a new folder on the machine would take a ridiculous amount of time.

These are also fairly new machines with a decent amount of RAM.  And even if they were not top of the line, they shouldn’t have to be.  I disagree with Microsoft’s philosophy that an OS should tax a machine with current specs as much as possible.

However, I changed my Mom’s theme from the whiz-bang curvy translucent windows to the Windows Classic, which looks pretty much like Windows pre-XP.  I haven’t found out yet if it has helped significantly.


2 Responses to “Microsoft Fail”

  1. Neil said

    I’ve been very disappointed with Vista. Just a bunch of security features that are akin to the post-9/11 “just check their IDs a lot to make them feel like we’re doing something” procedures. It gets really slow sometimes, even with 6 GB of memory.

    • Chance said

      Ha! Nice analogy. For the work computer I turned the User Account Controls off which got rid of all the annoying messages. I don’t know if it made it inherently less safe or not.

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