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I’m ready for the bad guy to die already

Posted by Chance on May 1, 2009

I am a fan of the conventional TV show. I like my shows resolved within 30 minutes to an hour.
Lost is the exception to this rule, in which it is a continuous story from the first to the last episode (or serial drama). But even so, watching this show takes an extreme amount of patience. I keep waiting for the bad guys to get theirs, in particular Benjamin Linus.  At least with the procedural shows (i.e. the 3 CSI shows or the 12 Law & Order shows) the bad guys usually get caught within an hour.  Fortunately, after this season there is only one more left.  Six (or seven, I lose track) seasons is a long time to wait for justice.


4 Responses to “I’m ready for the bad guy to die already”

  1. Dan Trabue said

    I liked Lost once upon a time. Now, I’m just ready for it to end and provide the answers to various questions.

    This would have been great as a two, maybe three season show. They went too long.

    As to the bad guys, it almost seems like to me that part of the gist of the show is that it’s hard to tell who the bad guys are. Our “heroes” on the show are flawed, selfish and sometimes outright criminal. Is Sayid a good guy or bad? Sun? Sawyer? Locke?? And the “bad guys” keep seeming to have a spark of redemption in them.

    Or not. Who knows. The show’s gone on too long…

  2. Chance said

    I agree with you there, it has not been clear who the bad guys are, and even now, it’s not clear of Widmore(however you spell is name) is a good or bad guy. I really wasn’t sure about Ben for the longest time, but since the smoke monster called him out on some stuff (wow, I can’t type this sentence without cracking up) and he tried to kill Penny, I would say he’s mostly bad, although it wasn’t clear for the longest time. But yeah, many of the characters are somewhat morally ambiguous, and I think that is the show’s intention.

  3. Dan Trabue said

    In spite of the ambiguity, are you thinking that our main heroes (Locke, Jack, Sawyer, etc, the original “lost” folk) are all actually the good guys? What about Michael? What about that dude that doesn’t age (Richard)? Or the Others, in general?

    What about the regular Dharma folk? Just regular folk or all bad?

  4. Chance said

    I think the way the show is going it is shaping anyone from the Oceanic crew to be the good guys.

    As far as if someone is good, I suppose there is the methods and the goals they want to attain. Now, in my view, anybody that is the aggressor is the bad guys. For instance, the Others/Hostiles wiped out the Dharma Initiative, so that seems pretty bad. Maybe later we will found out that Dharma was doing something evil and wanted to destroy the hostiles, but right now it just seems that the Others’ were ticked off other people got onto their island, which may be reasonable if the island was their “home” in a sense, but perhaps they could have dealt with it in other means. But you get into philosophical questions about “does anyone really own a whole island?”

    Locke puzzles me because I think they are setting him up as the good guy, but it seemed that he killed the Naomi girl in cold blood. But then, is Sawyer a bad guy, because he did kill a helpless victim (Tom from the Others). So, I think for the most part the heroes are who we think they are (the Oceanic Crew, Desmond), but who knows? We could be in for a surprise.

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