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Britain knew best, or, drugs, taxes and the American Revolution

Posted by Chance on May 1, 2009

There is a group, I don’t know how large, that believes in legalizing drugs.  When I heard of people who devoted their time to this cause, I thought “what a waste.”  Fighting for legal pot and crack is hardly a noble cause.  But over time, I understand their point of view a little bit more, even if I am not on the bandwagon of complete legalization of everything.

Now, I could assume the worst.  Those crazy little hippies people want to get high, and that’s why they want drugs to be legal.  It has nothing to do with a growth of criminals participating in a black market, the virtues of treating addiction as an illness rather than a crime, billions of dollars wasted in the War on Drugs, or that philosophically, maybe it isn’t the government’s business to tell people what to put inside their bodies, to name a few things.

The same goes with conservatives and the Tea Party folk.  We could say that people who want to pay less in taxes are just greedy people who want to keep more of their money.  Their silly little backwood hick get-togethers have nothing to do with the fact that billions of everyone’s dollars go to failed corporations and CEO bonuses, or that an extra trillion dollars of debt gets passed down to our children and grandchildren and so on, or that an all-powerful government encompasses more and more of our lives, or that the President knows no more how to run a car company than a person off the street.

Maybe both the pot-smokers and cutthroat capitalists are both being selfish, and they should simply step aside as the government decides what is best for them.   As long as we prevent the government from taking lives, running them is perfectly okay.

It makes me question the virtue of having an American Revolution in the first place.  Maybe Britian knew best.


2 Responses to “Britain knew best, or, drugs, taxes and the American Revolution”

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