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Why I don’t listen to talk radio

Posted by Chance on April 29, 2009

I would probably agree with a lot of things said on conservative talk radio or on the Fox News opinion programs (although I don’t have cable). However, I feel that if I listened to these shows, I would be cranky all the time. This isn’t a remark against everyone who listens to talk radio, but I know some people get fired up when they listen to it, and they seem negative and angry all the time. I would be one of those people. Basically, I would be reminded anytime I listen to the radio of all that is wrong with America. I am not saying everyone is like this, although I think people should watch out. I think anytime someone of any political stripe immerses themselves too much into political commentary it can be unhealthy. Not that I know where that line is.

Part of this frustration can come from putting too much hope in the political process and government. My church just did a couple sermons and question-answering panels on politics. One thing the pastor pointed out was not putting our hope in government. I think this can apply regardless of political ideology. If you are a liberal passionate about “social justice”, don’t just look giving through governmental means. If you are someone passionate about your pro-life stance, keep on voting pro-life, but realize that government is not the only battlefront of abortion. If it means that much to you, get involved and/or donate money to a Crisis Pregnancy center or some kind of Life Network. Help make abortion unnecessary.

Someone who puts their hope in government will always be let down. Also, putting hope in government means not putting hope in God. This is something I struggle with at times. My ability to provide for my family ultimately doesn’t depend on our economic system or tax rate, it depends ultimately on God. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about or not get involved in politics, it’s just that politics is not the be all end all in this world.

So, I will try to stay informed, I just don’t want to be angry all the time. I’d rather listen to music or sports radio. After all, I can only get so upset over the Broncos.


3 Responses to “Why I don’t listen to talk radio”

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  2. freestyle said

    While I am not quite as conservative as you… I definitely agree with what you are saying. I do try to stay engaged in political and world issues, but not to the point that I see them as the solution. I think you are right, as a church especially, we need to truly live out our convictions, not expecting the government to solve all the problems, because that will never happen. Grace and Peace to you!!!

  3. Neil said

    Good points, Chance. I’m always amused when Liberals (including some in-laws) assume that I listen to Rush every day. I have nothing against him and think he does a lot of good, but I have never listened to his radio show. I very, very rarely watch TV news, even Fox. Life’s too short. I like blogs and other Internet sources to get the real news to balance out all the Liberal media I’m inundated with (Reuters feeds on my Yahoo page, Houston Chronicle, etc.). I agree that listening to too much of either extreme makes people unbalanced and angry.

    Having said that, Obama & Co. are a disaster and we should have some rational concerns over them!

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