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Album review: Relient K

Posted by Chance on April 18, 2009

Relient K is one of the more popular bands in Christian rock, both today, and probably ever.  They make regular appearances on Christian radio and on the WOW albums (an annual compilation of the top Christian songs of the year).   They are sort of a pop punk band; think Blink-182 without the vulgarity (I always hate describing a Christian band as “the Christian version of this band), but it fits.

For me personally, my favorite Relient K work comes from their first album.  This is not to dismiss any of their later work, its just that their self-titled album appeals to me the most.  Musically, it is the most interesting; it has elements that remind me of more driven punk music.  Their guitar drives harder than later albums.

This album also has a great blend of seriousness and silliness.  The seriousness comes with songs such as “Softer to Me” that focuses on the difficulties of life but knowing they pale into comparison to the life Christ had.  The silliness comes with just about every other song.  “Hello McFly” has the lead singer wishing he could go back in time and fix his mistakes.  “My Girlfriend” talks about Marilyn Manson taking over his girlfriends life and causing him to “despite beautiful people.”

One of my favorites is “Staples”, in which the singer recalls a friends accident.

All you could hear
was kachunk, kachunk, kachunk.
All you could hear
was the doctor putting staples in this punk.

Totally out of character for a Christian band, which makes it great.  Other tongue-in-cheek songs are “17 Magazine” in which a guys sister says “My 17 Magazine tells me you’re in love” and “Nancy Drew” in which the singer confesses his love for the fictional character.

This is definitely one of the more original albums in Christian rock.


One Response to “Album review: Relient K

  1. Craig said

    Completely agree, although the last album was pretty good. I saw them on the tour for the first album and was blown away by three high school age kids who showed such chops. Their harmonies were/are amazing, I love the unusual instrument choices and stylistic shifts. Two thumbs up for a great band. They do get some “airplay” outside of the CCM scene, tour with secular groups, play secular venues, and had the guts to say no to Abercrombie & Fitch.

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