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Review of two DTV boxes

Posted by Chance on April 14, 2009

I have two different kinds of DTV converters, a Magnavox and an APEX. The Magnavox I bought at Sears. It is not a very good product. The APEX was bought for me as a gift at Best Buy.

Apex converter box

Apex converter box for sale at Best Buy

The APEX has volume control, the ability to save favorite channels, and the ability to delete any particular channel you don’t want. It also has an easy closed caption button on the remote. The remote is also very intuitive and follows the design of most TV or satellite/cable remotes, with its standard 4 direction arrows with the OK in the middle set apart from the rest of the buttons.

The Magnavox sold at Sears.

The Magnavox sold at Sears.

The Magnavox is not such a good product; it currently has 2 stars at Amazon.com. It has no volume control – which actually is not that big of a minus, how many people hate having three different volume controls? Strangely enough, the user cannot delete a single channel, they can only delete groups of channels.  What I mean is this, ABC is 13.1 and one of the Spanish channels is 13.2.  I don’t have any way to delete 13.2 without deleting 13.1.  That is very annoying. Also, the remote is not intuitive at all, with the menu direction arrows all being small buttons nestled to the right of the remote among other buttons, and the OK button being on the left side of the remote in a non-obvious place. It is very difficult to navigate menus in the dark.  This difficult menu must also be navigated just to turn the closed caption on and off.


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