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Various thoughts on money and the church, updated

Posted by Chance on April 10, 2009

Neil has a good post on how a relationship with Christ should affect our wallet.  I believe that is true. How we spend/save our money reflects what we value.  If we value Christ, our money should reflect that somewhat.  I say this with a caveat: Just because someone gives twice as much as someone else doesn’t mean they value Christ twice as much.  This isn’t a mathematical formula; besides, I don’t want to judge someone on how much they give/tithe, because I don’t want them to do the same to me (you know, the whole idea of “being judged in the same measure you judge”).  There is the whole debate about whether the literal tithe, 10 percent, should still be in effect – a debate I don’t want to get into.  I have my own beliefs on the matter, but I won’t express them here.

I do like what my church does; it states that giving is an act of worship, which I believe is true.

It seems that just about every pastor at every church has to have the “money talk”, in which they talk about how things are tight at the church, and they need someone to prayerfully consider their giving situation, etc.  I do feel sorry for pastors in that situation, which is probably every pastor. In some churches that I have attended in the past, the pastor is usually very apologetic, but really, there is no need to be.  The pastor has every right to talk about money, provided that they do so in the right way.

I think my own view on giving to the church has been modified somewhat with having kids.  We have people who watch our kids for 3 hours (that’s not the whole service, Sunday School is thrown in as well).  That’s not free.  Half of the workforce is volunteers, but it helps to have some paid people in there too.  But it shaped my perspective on people beyond the nursery too.  People who work for the church – that IS their job.  They give their services to me, and they make their livelihood doing so.  It was something I realized to some extent before, but it has changed my view of the church from some guy who is hired to give a sermon to a facility that does stuff for people, the church body and the community.


2 Responses to “Various thoughts on money and the church, updated”

  1. dolphin said

    I do like what my church does; it states that giving is an act of worship, which I believe is true.

    This is the primary reason that I oppose things like school vouchers (to religious schools), “faith-based initatives,” etc. Once you establish the premise that giving is a form of worship (which I agree it is), it becomes difficult to see any tax dollars going toward religious institutions as anything but a violation of the free practice of religion.

  2. Chance said

    I’m not a fan of faith based initiatives, as a previous post will verify. As far as school-vouchers, I see your point. I like the idea of tax credits better – that way, it’s not like people are being given money to go to a religious school, but instead, they have less taken away to send their child to a choice of public or private school.

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