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The PC Mac Wars

Posted by Chance on April 6, 2009

While I’m talking about computers, I wanted to offer my take on the whole war between PCs and Macs.

I think the advertising approach Windows is taking lately is pretty brilliant, although it took two and a half years to have a good comeback to the “Hi, I’m a Mac, Hi, I’m a PC” commercials.  The whole idea is that a PC represents the everyday person.  The commercials show a wide range of everyday ordinary people using computers to do everyday tasks.  There has also been a recent commercial in which a lady is given $1000 to purchase a computer; she could purchase a 13-inch Mac laptop or a 17-inch Windows/PC laptop.

Windows needs to continue with this line of advertising; if they do so, Windows computers can be the computer of the normal everyday person who doesn’t have tons of money to spend on computers. If they wanted to go into the negative direction, they could paint Mac users as elitist, but hopefully they will focus on positive advertising, as opposed to Mac.  I know people who use Macs; they are people who simply get tired of messing with Windows and happened to have enough money to spend on a Mac.  More power to them.

Apple has started to irritate me.  It happened at the tail end of Election ’08, in which negative political ads dominated the airwaves.  Living in a swing state compounded the issue.  After all these attack ads, I saw one of the “Hi, I’m a Mac” commercials.  What I used to think was funny just seemed mean-spirited.  I was tired of negative advertising, no matter what it was about.  I haven’t seen these commercials recently.  I wonder if that is because other people have felt the same way.


2 Responses to “The PC Mac Wars”

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  2. dolphin said

    I think MS’s “I’m a PC (Everyone’s a PC)” commercials were completely stupid. The gist of them seemed to be, “Use Windows because everybody else does.” Not a word on how their OS can benefit you. Just “everybody else is doing it so you should be too.” Actually, it was fairly insulting.

    Their new ones (the $1000 to buy a laptop) ARE brilliant, however. They don’t actually address the Windows operating system at all either, but that’s the key; they’ve allowed Microsoft to switch the debate from quality to price. And shifting the focus from ease-of-use, reliabilty, performance, etc to cost is a winning move in this economy. Now, the technophiles will and are (rightfully) squawking about the hardware price comparison being false (a comparably equipped windows-based PC is as expensive or more expensive than it’s mac equivalent), but the average joe computer user doesn’t care. They only need the thing to check facebook anyhow (not exactly a power-intensive function).

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