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I’m not a religious zealot: I think both Windows and Linux have their strengths

Posted by Chance on April 6, 2009

I am starting to get frustrated with Windows.  It seems like no matter how fast a machine is when you first get it (or do a reinstall), it is pretty speedy.  But it seems like a Windows machine always becomes slower.

Part of this is because everybody wants your RAM.  You download a program, like iTunes, and it wants to run in the background all the time.  Other programs want to run in your System Tray all the time (the right side of your taskbar).  Some programs want to install 4 different toolbars in Internet Explorer.

But even if you guard your RAM with all your efforts, the machine gets slower.  People who are smarter with computers than I am says it has to do with the registry that gets bloated whenever you someone installs a program.  So, unless you want a bare-bones machine, your Windows machine is doomed.

That is one good thing with Linux.  The whole paradigm is different.  At work, I’ve been playing with Linux machines that are 3 or 4 years old and are every bit as fast as the day we got them.  Unfortunately, it takes a long time to get things working at times.  I tried running Wireless with a Linux laptop and it doesn’t work correctly, when Windows XP works fine.  I posted on some of the advantage/disadvantages of each operating system in an earlier post. If Linux could fix issues with wireless and come out with a commercial version geared toward the average person, it could really take off ( I know, Linux and commercialism in the same sentence is blasphemy).


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