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A couple of things I have learned as a dad

Posted by Chance on March 30, 2009

I’m hardly an expert on parenting; I’m learning as I go along.  But here are a couple of things that I have learned.

This isn’t really a lesson, but I didn’t realize until I had children what it was like to totally be responsible for another human being.  It is quite scary.  You have somebody whose whole life and safety depends on you for quite some time.  Now I understand why my parents worried about me so much in high school when I was out and about with friends.  It was their responsibility to make sure I live.

Also, taking care of my kids makes me view my relationship with God in a different way.  Sometimes God can seem to be a killjoy, full of all sorts of rules.  But I watch my son run around.  He has all these toys in the living room to play with, but does he want to play with those?  No.  He wants to play in the litter box, with sharp utensils, the knobs on the stove, etc….  We have a pantry full of food to feed him.  He wants to eat who-knows-what from the floor.

It sounds very similar to the Garden of Eden; God had all this good stuff to eat, but of course Adam and Eve want to eat from the forbidden tree.  In our lives today it can be the same thing, especially in the area of human sexuality.  In the same I may appear to be a mean guy who wants to prevent my son from having fun out in the middle of the street, God is looked upon as the mean guy who has all these rules concerning human sexuality.  In the same way I want to prevent my son from being hurt, God makes us deny our natural impulses at times to prevent us from being hurt emotionally, spiritually, and possibly physically.  Instead of looking at the great stuff God has planned for us, something only shared between husband and wife, society looks at God’s view of sex as a list of “cannots”.  Part of this is due to the church, but part of it is due to our human nature.

But even beyond that, we may wonder what God is doing, why we are going through something.  Christianity is trusting that God really does know best.  He’s not trying to make us miserable or ruin our fun; He knows what He is doing, even if it does cause pain.   In the same way, my son has to trust me, that I know, for the most part, what I’m doing (even if that is not always the case).


One Response to “A couple of things I have learned as a dad”

  1. Randy said

    Good post. Our kids teach us so much….

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