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Do Christians complain too much?

Posted by Chance on March 24, 2009

No doubt Christians are at odds with the modern day culture in America.  There are beliefs many Christians have that make them clash with other parts of society.

My question is this:  where is the balance between standing for what’s right, but not focusing on being right?

Christians can often be a grumpy lot.  We are often complaining about how gays and/or liberals are ruining America.  But does complaining about other people or worldly philosophies get in the way of our mission as Christians?

No doubt Christians should stand their ground with certain issues.  I’m not saying all Christians should water down their doctrine and say it doesn’t matter how you live you life, etc…   But instead of saying “gays are ruining America”, say “hey, I may not agree with your lifestyle, but Jesus loves you”, or just saying “Jesus loves you” and leave the lifestyle part to the Holy Spirit.    I just wonder if focusing on complaining about certain people and telling them how wrong they are can get in the way of telling about and showing others the love of Christ. I just wonder if grumbling about certain groups can get in the way of ministry, and it’s something I see a lot of in some Christian circles. But I see the trap of the more liberal brand of Christianity that adapts biblical morality to worldly morality and says “all that matters is that you are nice to people.”

Culture wars are inevitable sometimes.  In our current system, they happen in public schools.  But that is why I prefer a more decentralized school system operating on school choice.  I know some in conservative circles, and many in liberal circles, are not crazy about the idea.  But as long as we try a one-size-fits-all school system, cultural battles will rage, and neither side is happy.

This viewpoint may be attributed to my personality.  I tend to be a more Type B.  Sure, I’ll voice my opinion, but I want everyone to get along; I don’t like fights.  Maybe I’m letting my personality type shape my opinions.

That is why I want other people’s opinions.  I know I use “we” in this post referring to Christians, but that is because it is my primary audience for this particular post, though comments from others are welcome.

Do Christians complain too much about the current state of affairs?  Are most culture wars inevitable, or do Christians pick too many fights?


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