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Don’t ever, ever use “Safe Delete” on Picasa

Posted by Chance on March 22, 2009

…In fact, maybe just avoid Picasa altogether.  I was importing photos from my camera using the “Safe Delete” – where only copied photos get deleted, and I canceled during the import.  My photos from my camera, mostly of my 1 month old, got deleted.  Apparently I’m not the only one with this problem.

Fortunately, someone in the Picasa forums pointed out a few different file recovery programs that work even on SD cards in a camera plugged into the computer.  There is a free one called PhotoRec that I was able to use to recover my photos.

In general, I am becoming less and less happy with Google products.  Their Picasa program loses photos, and their Google Maps program doesn’t even have the option to sort searches by distance from a starting point – something other map programs have had since the dawn of internet maps.  While I didn’t have any problems with Blogger, it seems to be a distant second behind WordPress.

I feel that either Google has their fingers in too many things, and therefore less likely to do anything well, or, they simply are starting to rely on their name instead of actual product quality.  To be fair though, they still have the best search engine of which I am aware.


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