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About The Office

Posted by Chance on March 20, 2009

I like The Office; it’s one of the few sitcoms I don’t want to miss.  The main character, Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, is the outrageous boss who always says inappropriate things, especially in the context of a boss-worker relationship.

I think the show is going through what I like to call the “Urkel effect.”  Michael has always been the center of the show, but it seems like the show is focusing less and less on the supporting cast.  The character is, for the most part, funny, but sometimes he is just annoying.  Last night’s episode seemed pretty bad in this sense.  A new VP visits the office, and Michael is his outrageous self, breaking one rule of civility and proper work relationships, one after the other.  He’s not just a goofball testing the boundaries of what is proper in the workplace, he is simply being a jerk.  After some time, seeing someone be a jerk isn’t funny.  Midway through the show, during a commercial break, I told my wife, “this show isn’t really funny.  I hope Michael gets fired.”

The great thing about The Office is it does a great job of juggling believable characters in believable situations with totally off-the-wall characters, like Michael and Dwight, who bring about hilarious or totally politically incorrect events.  The character Dwight is pure genius (his feelings get hurt, but they regenerate at twice the speed of a normal human).  However, the believability of the show can only be taken so far.  After some time, the viewer is left thinking, “Okay, there is no way this guy has not been fired, like, 5 years ago.”

Hopefully the show will pay more attention to the excellent supporting cast, but I don’t know if that will happen.  I think the writers have been struggling with what to do with Jim and Pam’s relationship, now that they are together and engaged.  Any story involving them seems somewhat forced, and other times there is little to do with them at all.  We don’t see the normal conversations and joking around that made us love the couple in the first place.

Spoiler Alert

At the end of the show Michael said “he quit”, but I don’t know if that means anything for the show or not.  I doubt he plans to leave.


2 Responses to “About The Office

  1. Neil said

    Agreed. We enjoy the show and lots of the humor, but Michael can be too annoying at times and they are unnecessarily off color too often. I like the offbeat stuff the best, like when Jim impersonates Dwight.

  2. Randy said

    I loved the show the first couple of seasons, then I grew tired of it. I never did like the way the camera moves in, then out, then sideways.

    I took a class on Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, I encouraged the professor to watch the show, I felt it was a good example each week of what NOT to do in the workplace…

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