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Album Review: The Beautiful Letdown

Posted by Chance on March 17, 2009

One of the more popular albums in modern Christian rock music is The Beautiful Letdown.  In a sense, it was a crossover album for Switchfoot, as “Meant to Live”, “Dare You to Move”, and “This is Your Life” were played on mainstream radio.  “Gone” receives very heavy airplay to this day on Christian radio.

This album is popular for very good reason.  It is simply a good album and is pretty strong throughout.  The aforementioned songs are simply great songs, but so are the rest that are never played on the radio.  There is much diversity on this album, from the fast-paced “Ammunition” to the closing ballad  “Twenty-Four”.

What makes this album great is that, even though it is the album that really rocketed Switchfoot to mainstream and Christian radio success, it isn’t really “radio-friendly” in any sense.  It seems to be the case that a band’s success coincides with when their sound seems to become more mainstream, and sometimes it is not clear which event precedes the other.  However, I don’t get the feeling that is the case.  Switchfoot are just doing what they do.

I hate drawing comparisons between “Christian” music and secular, but this album reminds me a lot of U2’s “The Joshua Tree.”  Both albums are significant in their respective genres, they both have four hugely popular songs, yet the rest of the songs are equally as good.  In fact, the bad thing about listening to both albums is that the hit songs are heard so much, one has a tendency to skip over them.

After listening to this album, and Oh! Gravity, which I will review later, I believe Switchfoot are in a league of their own in the Christian rock genre.


One Response to “Album Review: The Beautiful Letdown”

  1. Craig said

    Got to see Switchfoot on the Music Builds Tour (great tour, great cause, great bands) and was very impressed. Live they definitely remind me of U2.

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