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Because the federal government has to be involved in everything

Posted by Chance on March 9, 2009

It looks like Obama will reverse Bush’s politices on stem-cell research.  People may say that Bush limited stem-cell research.  Those people are lying or misguided.

Let’s leave aside, for a moment, the moral implications of stem-cell research and look at the issue of the funding.

What Bush did was limit federal funding for stem-cells.  Under his policy, private organizations could do about whatever they wanted with stem-cell research.  Not only that, but state governments could choose to use state tax dollars for research.

In this day and age, however, for the federal government not to fund something, that is equivalent to outlawing it.  Today, not only the government, but the federal government has to be involved in everything, whether it is education, medical research, how much people are paid at their jobs, you name it.

I have moral issues with stem-cell research, but even if I did not, I don’t believe that the government has to get involved.  Just about everything touched with tax dollars gets tainted and politicized.  There are a few quirky, esoteric individuals who believe that maybe, just maybe, the direction of medical research should be decided by doctors, that billionaires – instead of taxpayers – should pay for their own sports stadiums, and parents – not people in D.C. – should have the most say in their children’s education.

Thus concludes my rant.


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