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What to do about politics

Posted by Chance on March 7, 2009

Some posts on this blog will be just my personal ramblings – I can’t guarantee that they will go anywhere.

For a little while, especially out of college, I was really passionate about politics.  I would spend a great deal of time reading political articles and writing on political topics on an old blog I used to have.

However, with this great passion comes great disillusionment.  Anybody – I would argue conservatives more so – who is passionate about the subject will no doubt see a growing disparity between how the world is and how it should be.  With the Democrat takeover of 2006 and then the 2008 election, I started paying less attention to what was going on. 

This brings  me to a dilemma.  On the one hand I enjoy being passionate about something and refining my own political philosophy; on the other hand there is something to say about being comfortably numb to the goings on in the world.  I like politics, but while it can make me happy, it can make me unhappy as well.  I used to frequent various message boards and such where I would debate political topics.  On one hand I would feel alive, but then after some time I simply got sick of arguing with people.  I would like blogging on how a certain injustice in the world was being carried out, but then indignation would soon become frustration.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to avoid crossing the line between healthy debate and pointless arguing, between political passion and simply being mad and frustrated and feeling hopeless in regard to the world events.

So, where does this take this blog?  This blog will be different from my previous effort in the sense that I want to post a variety of things apart from politics.  I think I will post on political topics, but I will try to do it from a big picture perspective.  I will probably post on the many actions with which I disagree from the current administration, but I don’t want it to turn into a gripe-fest.

I think one thing I have learned from the past few years however, is this, and stay with me for a second.  America’s past and future success doesn’t depend directly on whether we have a capitalistic system, a foundation of natural rights, separation of powers, etc…  Our success as a country depends directly on whether God wants us to or not.  I’m not saying a free market economy is not important, it has made us prosper, but I believe that it is God’s tool that He has used to bless us.  What I mean is that, if we as a country have the right priorities, a fair and just government and economic system will trickle down from that.  As our values change to something apart from God’s, an oppressive government and unjust economic system will be the result.  A good government and social system is not what makes America great, as I have thought for some time, a good government and social system are ramifications of people who value the right things.

Now, I do not think the right government can make people a Christian society, but I do think it takes a great Christian society to make the right government.

What are your thoughts?


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