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Review: U2 – No Line on the Horizon – First Listen

Posted by Chance on March 3, 2009

I just bought the new U2 Album, No Line on the Horizon this morning.    Here are my initial thoughts, song by song.

“No Line on the Horizon” – Reminds me a little bit of Zooropa.  For those who don’t know, Zooropa is the album in which U2 went off the deep end and sung like robots.  This song isn’t quite as weird though.

“Magnificent” – It takes the classic U2 sound, with the patented guitar echo, but modernizes it.  Or another way to say it, it sounds like typical U2, but in the 21st century.  I like this song.  This is one of the more spiritual songs on the album.

“Moment of Surrender” – Like the previous song, blends old U2 with a new sound.

“Unknown Caller” – Sounds like something from the 80s.  Not U2 80s, or mainstream 80s, but more like alternative 80s (like one of the artsy 80s bands, like Talking Heads, except the Talking Heads are terrible).

“I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight” – Sounds 80s as well, I’m not sure about this song.

“Get On Your Boots” – The single from the album.  I actually like the song better in the context of the album as opposed to hearing it by itself.

“Stand Up Comedy” – U2 get a little bit funky.  It has the strange lyric “stop helping God across the road like an old lady”.  Huh?

Rest of the album – The first 7 songs caught my attention immediately; the last 4 did not.  They will probably take some time to grow on me.

By the way, Amazon is selling the mp3 version of the album for $3.99 according to @u2.com, most likely today only.


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