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An advertising slogan that really bothers me

Posted by Chance on March 3, 2009

There’s a Christian station in Colorado that my wife really likes.  I think it’s okay, but it’s a little too soft for me.  Anyway, the slogan is that the station is “Safe for the Whole Family”.

Why does this bother me?  Because I don’t think that the main selling point for Christian music is that it’s safe.  Someone should want to listen to Christian music because it glorifies God, or that it’s simply good music, or even that it is a positive “alternative” to the depressing crap that is out there.  Not that the music doesn’t have any swear words. I just think things that are Christian, including music, should have more to offer than being safe.

I think part of the issue is me being a guy.  Guys don’t always like things that are “safe” or “goody goody.”  “Safe” just isn’t “cool”.

Also, I fear that the slogan may reflect an attitude that Christianity itself is “safe”, that being a Christian means cleaning behind your ears and eating your green vegetables.  In reality, however, the ideal Christian life is anything but safe.  Think of the way Jesus, Paul, and the other apostles lived.  Their lives were anything but safe.  Thankfully, not many of us – in the States anyway – have to risk our lives for the gospel.  Nevertheless, I think the Bible shows that living for Christ can definitely take us out of our comfort zone.  Not that I get out of my comfort zone enough by any means.

A book that has significantly impacted me is Wild at Heart by John Elderidge.  One of the main ideas about the book – which is geared towards men – is that Christian men don’t have to be your stereotypical nice guy, and that the Christian life doesn’t have to be dull and boring.  I think the book has significantly affected by viewpoint of the Christian life and being a Christian man, enough that when I hear that the Christian life is about being “safe”, it bugs me a bit.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, touches on this topic as well, in which Aslan is said to be “good”, but not “safe”.

I think this philosophy can carry over into sexuality.  In Christian circles, sexuality is all about the “don’ts”; its not about what sex can be between a man and wife.

But back to the slogan, I think the slogan accomplishes its objective, especially for moms and dads who do want to listen to music in the car without their kids being exposed to profane or sexual lyrics.  I just think I would like the slogan a little bit better if it was something like “An adventure for the whole family.”


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