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Album Reviews: Revelation

Posted by Chance on March 1, 2009

I will start off this review by saying, in general, I am not really a Third Day fan.  I think they are talented, but I’m just not into their type of music.  When it comes to Christian music anyway, I typically like bands that are a little bit punkier and more youthful sounding.

Nevertheless, when I heard a couple songs from Revelation, I wanted their album.  There’s a good possibility that long time Third Day fans won’t enjoy this album because it is so much different than previous efforts.  Some of the  songs sound a little more pop, although there are a few good rock songs as well.  The songs aren’t as explicitly Christian as typical of their catalog thus far, but I do feel that they are motivated by their relationship with God.   I think is that is okay, provided that the lyrics aren’t watered down.

There really isn’t a weak song on the album; the standouts are the ones played on the radio, “Call my Name” and “Revelation”, but from start to finish the album is one of the better Christian Rock albums out there.


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