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My fear about the next four years

Posted by Chance on November 13, 2008

Despite the person I didn’t vote for being elected, on the bright side, we’ve shown that a minority can be elected President. Not only that, but the Cato Blog notes that

all 42 of our presidents have been of British, Irish, or Germanic descent. We’ve never had a president of southern or eastern European ancestry.

So, not only is he the first black President, but he is the first one not of British, Irish, or Germanic descent.

So, on Inauguration Day many people will be celebrating, but not everyday will be happy about it. I fear that those people will look like “the bad guys” for not celebrating during a historic moment.

Also, I fear that when Obama is in power, dissent will suddenly go out of style. I haven’t seen anything yet to support this, and I don’t want to blame liberals for something they haven’t done yet. At the same time, this blog is where I share my thoughts, and hopefully I’ll be proved wrong. Throughout the whole election we have heard this theme of unity, how we need to work together, etc. These are all important things (actually working together is overrated, I’m happier when government does less), but I fear that dissent against the President will be tolerated less in the name of “unity.” Granted, there are constructive and divisive ways to criticize the President, and there are divisive people in politics. I just don’t want people who dissent to be labeled as people trying to tear America apart. I have this idea that people see Obama as the guy who is going to fix and save America and dissenters are those who are standing in the way of his mission. And to be fair, I suppose some liberals felt the same way the last 8 years. Unfortunately, in both camps, the respectful dissenters and the not-so-respectful dissenters get lumped together.


One Response to “My fear about the next four years”

  1. Dan Trabue said

    There are plenty of progressives who would not tolerate any suppression of their (or others’) opinions that I don’t see this being a problem.

    Obama will certainly face problems, he’s inheriting a difficult set of circumstances. He almost certainly won’t have as smooth a presidency as he did a candidacy and it would be hard to live up to the hopes and expectations people are placing on him. But, I wouldn’t worry about voices being silenced – such thinking runs too contrary to both liberal and conservative thinking.

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