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Caring for the unborn after they are born.

Posted by Chance on August 5, 2008

I had talked about the topic of Conservatives supposedly not caring about babies after they are born, and Neil has this topic as well.

There is another thought about this argument, and I wonder what the point of it is. Let’s say that I realize the liberals are right, that I should support more government programs, that I should vote Democrat, etc…. At the very best, these arguments would convince me to be pro-big government AND pro-life. So what’s the point?


7 Responses to “Caring for the unborn after they are born.”

  1. The Ex said

    I don’t think the point of this argument is that you should support larger government. I believe (though I am a liberal who has never used this argument specifically) their point is that they aren’t YOUR children and YOU should have no choice in the matter. If it was your child or a child you were going to personally take responsibility for then fine.

    And pro-lifers are allegedly standing up for the innocent (the baby) while pro-choicers are focusing on the mother’s rights. That’s why the two can never see eye-to-eye.

  2. Randy said

    Hi “the ex”. I think you’re right that the two can’t see eye to eye. One views abortion as murder, the other as a choice (only the baby doesn’t get to vote).

    I’ve heard the argument in question on some liberal blogs I read. The first time I heard it brought up was relative to the SCHIP legislation. The point was that conservatives opposed abortion, but don’t support children that are post-birth.

    Of course the real truth is that conservatives see programs like SCHIP as the wrong approach to helping children. But that’s a different argument

  3. Chance said

    The ex,
    That makes sense, but I disagree, because there are so many situations where that argument falls flat.

    I can just imagine a guy who beats his wife saying “why don’t you live with her then.”

    Or people who had slaves back in the day saying “why don’t you take care of them then.”

    And plus, the argument falls flat because of the “trot out the toddler” technique. I oppose a family killing their toddler, and I think I can rightfully do that without wanting to take care of the toddler myself. An unborn baby is different from a toddler? Great. Argue that instead of focusing on arguments that already presume the two are different.

    In the supposed conflict of rights, the right to one’s own existence is more noble than the right not to be burdened. If a woman’s life is truly threatened, I support the right to prevent oneself from dying. But I believe in the idea that NO ONE owns anyone.

  4. Dwight said

    Of course the right to one’s own existence is itself at least temporarily suspended, like slavery, in the case of a pregnancy that was not chosen or welcomed by the woman.

  5. Chance said

    Hi Dwight,
    Do you mean the right to existence by the baby? Or the right to a [unburdened] existence by the woman?

  6. […] blogged about the whole idea of conservatives caring about the unborn after they are born here and here.  And to be fair, I see the pro-choicers’ point.  People who are truly passionate about the […]

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