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The new judgmentalism

Posted by Chance on May 31, 2008

For some reason today, it is acceptable to judge people based on how they eat. We respect their religious views, political beliefs, sexual preferences/habits, but if they get McDonald’s for lunch or have a soda, many of us feel a need to express our disapproval.

The Evangelical Outpost had a post concerning the sin of gluttony. The article makes a good point in how gluttony is an oft-ignored sin, but I think it puts too much emphasis on comparing gluttony to sexual sin. While the roots of both sins may be similar (I’m honestly not good at understanding the psychological roots of sin), you cannot really treat them the same. As I commented there, and at Neil‘s site, which linked to the article, the area of sexuality has clearly defined boundaries, have sex only with your spouse (of a different sex) and don’t lust after women (or men). Gluttony is not so clear-cut. God does not forbid eating a juicy cheeseburger. At the same time, God does not want us to abuse our bodies, so many times we have to do things in moderation.

I get annoyed at Subway commercials ( the ones that say I’ll order the “make my butt look big” burger or something like that) and Kaiser Permanante commericals because they are all about making people feel bad for their choices, as opposed to encouraging them to make good choices. I feel that Christianity can easily jump on this bandwagon. “Not only is that cheeseburger unhealthy, it is a SIN.”

Now, I don’t know exactly the Christian way the sin can be approached, but I think it is important to realize that it is not a list of do’s and dont’s.

I also think that the writer of the article makes many good points and I don’t think he makes any incorrect statements. When I read the article, however, it just made me think that people may not realize that moderation is really the key issue here, not a list of do’s and dont’s.


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