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The game last night

Posted by Chance on April 8, 2008

The Men’s Basketball Championship game was amazing. I have had the good fortune of seeing two college teams I like, teams in the Big 12, winning the national title. First, Texas in 05/06 in college football, and now Kansas in 2008. Both games were somewhat similar. Both games started out with the Big 12 team doing well in the first half, leading at halftime, only to see the other team dominate for the most part in the second half. Both teams made improbable comebacks to win the game, Texas being behind 12 points with 6:42 left, Kansas down 9 with 2:12 left to play.

The great debate in sports radio today is if Kansas won the game, or if Memphis lost it. I would say, for the most part, Memphis choked. Kansas did a lot of work themselves, however, and it took a miraculous 3 pointer at the end to tie the game up. I don’t think Memphis gave Kansas the game by any means, but they gave the Jayhawks something to claw back with.

When overtime hit, I felt confident in Kansas’ victory. It’s never over until victory is mathematically impossible, but it’s almost like Kansas won the game at the end of regulation and overtime was merely a formality. Looking at center Sasha Kaun, he wasn’t stressed out, he was pumped up. The Kansas team was excited to play.


2 Responses to “The game last night”

  1. Lee said

    You know, every bball coach in America, from middle school to high school to AAU to college to NBA, ought to be thanking the Memphis Tigers.

    “Practicing free throws isn’t fun? Did you see that Kansas/Memphis game? Let me tell you what isn’t fun… losing.”

    Every coach in America will use that line, and it will be true.

  2. Josh said

    I missed it, but heard it was a very great game. Take care!

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