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My views of gun control

Posted by Chance on February 26, 2008

This post was inspired by Josh‘s on his political views. This is not an attempt to argue with him really, I’ve just been wanting to talk about this topic for some time and finally decided to.

Guns can be very very bad. Many needless deaths occur because of guns. Basically any psycho can wipe a whole bunch of people out. Guns provide a whole lot of power over human life that people never had before.

Nevertheless, I still support the right to bear arms. Here is why. For a simplified analysis, let’s say there are good guys and bad guys (yes, I know it is unenlightened to call anyone bad, but bear with me). Bad guys use their guns to kill people; good guys use their guns to protect themselves and their families from the bad guys.

By eliminating the right to bear arms, you are saying “Good guys, put your guns away; bad guys, put your guns away.” Who do you think is going to listen?

Yes, gun control could be enforced in some instances. I’m willing to admit that it would even prevent some deaths, but I believe the net effect would work against the good guys, and the overall deaths due to crime would increase. Gun ownership is a crime deterrent, telling law-breakers to put away their guns…not so much.

Look, 2nd amendment people aren’t heartless; they are well aware of the damages caused by guns. By simply yelling more gun death statistics at us, you are not telling us anything new. We just believe more innocent blood will be shed when the innocents have less defense against those who do not follow the laws in the first place.


3 Responses to “My views of gun control”

  1. Neil said

    Having the right and ability to defend ourselves seems pretty basic to me. I don’t own a gun (I’m too careless), but have no issues if other people own them.

  2. Josh said

    Yo, Don’t taze me bro’!

    Seriously, quit trying to dodge the REAL SUBJECT.

    The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with guns. It has EVERYTHING to do with the right to have arms like bears, hence the right to Bear Arms.

  3. Satanis said


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