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Yet another blogger talking about the campaign

Posted by Chance on January 8, 2008

Right now I’m not sure who to endorse. Originally I liked Ron Paul, but I’ve heard him say a few things that bother me. I do like Thompson because of his federalist views, which serves in stark contrast to people of both parties who want to take all of their problems – and therefore all the power – on their back.

Lee gave his endorsement for McCain. McCain may actually not be that bad, I just don’t like him because of his role in Campaign Finance Reform, which I believe – at least his version – limits free speech.

During the debates in NH this past weekend I liked Thompson’s answers to many things. Paul and Guiliani spared over what caused 9/11. According to the debate, Paul thinks 9/11 has everything to do with foreign policy, Rudy thinks 9/11 had nothing to do with foreign policy. I think both views are wrong. Even if America was more isolationist, I do think radical Muslims would have problems with us. At the same time – I haven’t followed our foreign policy in the 80s and 90s to say it was good or bad – I think it’s dangerous to say foreign policy had nothing to do with why some people hate us. Paul did clarify somewhat on Leno last night his viewpoints. He does believe foreign policy was a factor, but he lays blame on those who actually carried out the attacks.

I will have to research the candidates again and decide who I will endorse. If McCain ends up winning the Republican nomination, it will be a great comeback. For my election prediction I think Obama will win the Democratic nomination and the presidency.

As Glen said, even though he is wrong on so many issues, Obama is a likable, energetic young man. So who has the best shot against Obama? I thought Guiliani would, as he is more socially liberal, pulling in people in the middle. However, many who would vote for Guiliani would also vote for Obama. I think McCain would stand a chance because he is many things Obama is not – conservative, older, more experienced, and less naive. Where Obama has weaknesses, those are McCain’s strengths. Sometimes being a polar opposite is advantageous.


One Response to “Yet another blogger talking about the campaign”

  1. Lee said

    It is definitly a soft endorsement. I believe he is best on national defense, I can put up with the other junk because of that.

    I’m not exactly doing cartwheels. But then again, his victory speech after NH was reinforcing.

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