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A vet’s day post, a day late

Posted by Chance on November 13, 2007

Perspective, I believe, is one of the keys to living a somewhat content and grumble-free life.

My boss was telling me this story. He occasionally has to travel to Hawaii. He has been there 50-something times over his career. He’s sick of going. He was complaining about the trip…to someone who was in Iraq. The soldier was kind enough, but his elaboration about his trip changed my boss’s perspective.

At Starbucks the other day, some guy was yelling at the barista because his order was wrong. If the worst thing that happens to you that day is that you have the wrong kind of milk in your coffee drink, you live a blessed and/or fortunate life.

And I’m no different. I get consumed by the everyday worries of life. I have bills to pay, projects for the house, etc… I get upset when my teams lose, but again, if that’s the worst of my problems, I am in good shape.

One of the greatest days of my life was when my son was born. I saw him the very second he stepped into this world. When he graduates, when he gets married, when he has his own babies, I will always look back to the day I saw him, and he saw the world, for the very first time.

But some people don’t see that day. They are off on the other side of the world while their baby is born. All wonder if they will live to see their child. Some don’t.

Many of us don’t have to spend 13 to 15 months away from our family. For many of us, imminent death is not at the front of our minds. For many of us, we don’t sleep in a foxhole. Many of us have the luxury of being there when our babies are born.

All it takes is a little perspective to see that our lives really aren’t that bad. We have it pretty good and we have had to sacrifice so very little. Other’s have and are making that sacrifice.

This isn’t about the nobility or lack thereof of the current war, or any war in particular. The point is, people are willing to die for us.

To all the veterans and current soldiers, Thank you.


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  1. Anonymous said

    The secret world of “Chance” revealed . . . ahhhh the hidden depths. -Woody

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