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The Universe

Posted by Chance on November 11, 2007

Sometimes I enjoy getting into a good debate. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’m in the mood to talk about serious topics, whether it be political, theological, whatever… Unfortunately, I seem to be in a bit of a bind. I do one of my few posts about TV shows, then I am criticized for watching too much TV. Go figure. I suppose everything is a topic for debate. I just feel that the topics I post on are subject for debate. At the same time, however, a blog is somewhat like a safe haven, where I post about whatever I feel like talking about; but when I am criticized personally based on my selection of topics, then that “safe haven” aspect goes away. I guess that’s what irks me.

Speaking of TV, right now I am watching a special on the History channel called “The Universe.” It touches a little bit on the topic of religion and science in regards to the origin of the universe.

So here’s a question. Are religion and science meant to be mutually exclusive? I’ve heard the theory that science explains the what, religion explains the why? Or are science and religion really compatible, is it just religionists who put God in a box, or scientists who are pure materialists that make it not seem to be the case?

I’m more of a fan of the physical sciences, as opposed to the biological. Concerning evolution and such, I’m not opposed to the idea of any evolutionary mechanisms being involved in nature. And evolution can be a vague term. If I am asked, “Do you believe in evolution”, I’m not even sure what I am being asked. Macro-evolution? Micro-evolution? Sometimes I think Christians are focused on the idea of defeating evolution, when not all aspects of evolution necessarily contradict the Bible.

There seems to be less of a conflict when it comes to the physical sciences. It seems that the origin of the universe as a whole does not really conflict with a divine Creator. In fact, the idea of the Big Bang seems to fit along just nicely.

Is it natural to believe in a divine Creator? At first glance, the idea of a universe that came on its own is no easier to swallow than a universe that sprang from a Creator. The natural question is, if God created the universe, who created God? I would say nobody, and I don’t think that is an intellectual cop out. Here’s why.

I have two options:
1) The universe, which has certain rules (conservation of energy, things always tend towards choas) came out of nothing.
2) Something outside the universe which is not bound by our same rules created the universe.

To me, option 2 seems easier to swallow. Maybe it doesn’t to other people. Psalm 19:1-4 says that “The heavens declare the glory of God”, so I think God did instill something in us that leads us to look at nature and infer a Creator behind it.

This isn’t meant as some course in apologetics. I’m just thinking out loud. My main point is, as far as the science I know, I don’t think religion and science necessarily come into conflict. But I don’t know if our worldview should be that religion and science are mutually exclusive, or that they truly complement each other.


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