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My increased appreciation for my wife, and other stay-at-home Moms

Posted by Chance on September 5, 2007

We decided before Levi was born that my wife would stay at home. We had tried for some time just to live solely on my income so that when she would stay home it would not be a big strain.

So, the baby was sick last week with a viral infection. Once he got over it, my wife got sick. When it is just the husband and wife, either person being sick is not a ton of fun. When my wife was sick in the past, I may have stayed home from work and took her to the doctor.

With a baby, this takes on a whole new dimension. For one, when the newborn is sick, it is not fun to hear him moan in pain from a sore throat; that is about the worst sound you can hear. When the wife is sick, that means I become the stay-at-home mom. I enjoyed my extra time with Levi. At the same time, I realize how much my wife goes through taking care of a newborn. I thought it was rough taking care of him all day for 2 or 3 days, so I can only imagine what my wife goes through doing it all the time. So, my appreciation for what my wife does every day is renewed. To all those stay at home moms, or moms in general, I salute you.


6 Responses to “My increased appreciation for my wife, and other stay-at-home Moms”

  1. John J. Kaiser said

    I got to stay at home with my daughter a lot for the first year as my Masters program only required me to attend classes two days a week. It was a wonderful time. Admittedly, I didn’t do much cleaning.

  2. Deb said

    Yes, it is very hard to take care of a sick baby, and the mom or the dad, or the mom and the dad being sick! We have 2 kids now, and the 2 parents, and 3 times we have all 4 been sick with vomitting/fever! NOT FUN!

  3. preacherman said

    AMEN! GREAT POST! I feel that alot of those who do stay at home do alot of hard work and get little recognition.

  4. Dan Trabue said

    To all those stay at home moms, or moms in general, I salute you.

    And stay at home dads, as well?

  5. Dan Trabue said

    And how ’bout them single moms and dads, who have to deal with all this all the time on their own? Geez! Talk about rough!

    I salute them all! And those friends and family that support these stay at home and single moms and dads!

  6. Chance said

    No doubt Dan. Good point. There are a lot of stay at home dads out there too. And I have no idea how the single moms/dads do it.

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