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A few thoughts on the Michael Vick case

Posted by Chance on August 21, 2007

1) It’s not a racial issue, no matter how much some want it to be. It’s about animal cruelty. I don’t naively believe that race is never an issue in America, but I don’t see sufficient reason to believe people would react any differently if this was a white athlete. To say that this has something to do with race takes away from the significance of the issue at hand. The ones bringing up race are the racially divisive people.

2) Money will not make someone a better person.

3) I’ll try to say this without moralizing. I’m glad to see that people have regard for somewhat defenseless creatures (as defenseless as these breed of dogs can be anyway). However, I think our priorities are somewhat misplaced. Is dog torture really more inhumane than say partial birth abortion (I would say any abortion, but I’ll take what I can get)? I understand that pro-choicers view fetuses on a lower plane than those outside the womb, but why lower than dogs?


5 Responses to “A few thoughts on the Michael Vick case”

  1. preacherman said

    Great post.
    I love animals.
    I love dogs.
    I had a dog one time get attacked by a pit-bull and nearly died. So, just my oppinion, pit-bulls are trained and bread to fight and kill. You hear countless reports across the country of children being attacked by pit bulls. I being a lover of all animals have also heard of other animals: dogs, cats, sheep, goats, cows, horses, pigs, have also been attacked by pit bulls in smaller towns.

    I think it should be laws should be passed by the government that would make it illegal to make pit bulls and all current pit bulls be euthanized.

    This would protect animals that mention above and (including other pit bulls) as well as innocent children, and citizens.

  2. Lee said

    Did you see where the NAACP got involved?

    Why I don’t know, but they did. (sigh)

  3. Neil said

    When I see the justified hand-wringing over Vick I always think of how most of the complainers are pro-legalized abortion. It just doesn’t compute.

  4. preacherman said

    Will he play again?
    Did I hear it right on sports center? That he has been band from the NFL forever.

  5. Josh said

    There’s going to be a new movie out about this. Check my blog out for details…

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