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Yet another political quiz

Posted by Chance on July 5, 2007

Speakout.com has a nice quiz on political issues. I prefer this quiz over many others for a couple different reasons.

The same quiz can be used for multiple things, such as your match with various Presidential candidates or your political philosophy. The first part of the quiz has you select what you are looking for. You can simply hit the ‘Back’ button, select a new gauge, and simply resubmit your questions without re-answering everything.

You can click on questions to get more details. Some of the questions may not be clear, so you can click and find out what they are really asking.

Here is my score

Your Score

You scored the following on the PoliticsMatch questions:

Personal Score 52%
Economic Score 82%

Where You Fit In

Where your Personal score meets your Economic score on the grid below is your political philosophy. Based on the above score, you are a Libertarian Conservative.

I didn’t match up closely with any of the presidential candidates. My top two were Sam Brownback at 53% and Ron Paul at 50%. Clinton was at the bottom at 13%


4 Responses to “Yet another political quiz”

  1. Neil said

    I scored as a firm conservative and had Brownback and Huckabee as my top candidates.

    I’m 0 / 0 / 0 with Hillary – go figure!

    P.S. I like your new picture! Can’t go wrong with Cletus (“Hey Brandine!”)

  2. Chance said

    “I’m 0 / 0 / 0 with Hillary – go figure!”


  3. John Kaiser said

    I scored as someone who should support Brownback. Social 69%-Economic 83%.

  4. Michael Westmoreland-White said

    I have to question how well they linked up with the candidates. I was not surprised to find my closest candidate as Dennis Kucinich (78%) and to find Huckabee and Brownback and Hunter tied at 5%. But the quiz said I was closer to Clinton than Obama and Edwards and, based on their positions, that is simply not true. I have noticed that conservatives (and the quiz’s wording shows it was clearly written by a Republican) tend to think Clinton far more liberal than she is.

    So, I didn’t trust the scoring system much at all.

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