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Current top 10 albums

Posted by Chance on July 3, 2007

My top 10 albums changes from time to time, based on what I’m listening to. Here is my list for right now.

1. U2 – How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
Overall, a complete album experience.

2. U2 – Achtung Baby
This maybe the actual best album of U2’s career, but I’m fancying #1 right now.

3. U2 – The Joshua Tree
Almost a perfect album. What makes this album so great is that it contains the songs everyone knowns (“With or Without You”, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For), but the other songs not played on the radio are just as good. U2 is the king of 2nd-tier songs.

4. Belle and Sebastian – The Life Pursuit
I’m probably the only person who listens to this group who is a registered Republican. The wide variety of songs here would make one thing this is a various artists compilation album.

5. Beck – Sea Change
This album is simply amazing. Nothing like Becks other stuff. Good for those who like bluesy music with a twang.

6. Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine
Fiona’s least accessible album, but probably her best. It’s disappointing that radio chose to play “Oh Sailor” when it’s probably the 10th best song on the album.

7. The Innocence Mission – Glow
I’m not sure why, but I tend to think of the early 90s version of the band as a female U2. This band has become more gentle and folksy, which some people like, but I prefer the more rockin’ albums like this one.

8. Various Artists – The Empire Records Soundtrack
It seems like cheating to put a compilation album here, but this has a great collection of the non-aggressive 90s alternative bands, such as Better than Ezra, Cranberries, Gin Blossoms, etc…

9. The Elms – Chess Hotel
I reviewed this album in an earlier post.
This is a CCM band that sounds more like something on the classic rock station.

10. Bleach – Again, for the First Time
Bleach is a great Christian punk band that’s no longer around. For some reason, bands like these are overshadowed in CCM.


2 Responses to “Current top 10 albums”

  1. preacherman said


    1.U2, Joshua Tree
    2. U2, Rattle & Hum
    3. U2, Boy
    4. U2, Under A Blood Red Sky
    5. U2, Zooropa
    6. u2, PopMart
    7. u2, Live Mexico City (bootleg)
    8. u2, Virtigo
    9. u2, Greatest Hits 1980-1990
    10.U2, Greatest Hits 1991-2007

    Other great albums besides u2:
    1.The passagers which is u2 of course.
    2.Heartbreak Hotel Movie Album produced by Brian Eno and Bono.
    3.John Lennon’s Imagine Album.
    4. Beattle’s White Album
    5. James Blunt Album.
    6. Dave Matthew’s Crash
    7. Metallic In Justice For All
    8. Metallica’s Black Album
    9. Metallica’s Kill’em All
    10.-ACDC -Back IN Black

  2. Amy said

    Poo. ‘O Sailor is my favorite on that album! 😛

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