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Our perception of God, or, a Father’s Day post a little early

Posted by Chance on June 13, 2007

Last Father’s Day, the pastor at my church talked about how our perception of God depended heavily upon our relationship with our earthly father. (Disclaimer: I wasn’t at church then, I can’t remember why, but my wife relayed the central themes).

It’s an interesting idea. What is our perception of God? Do we think of Him as some angry deity ready to smite us whenever we mess up? Or do we think of God as absent? Someone who cares not for the petty details of our life and leaves us to our own devices.

I think many of us Christians know in our head what God is like. A loving God slow to anger, forgiving yet just, and all that stuff. But I think sometimes in our hearts we picture Him much differently. Related to that picture is a desire that He be more this or that.

So what is our perception of God? It may illuminate our relationship with our father. Look at the relationship with our father, it may illuminate our perception of God.

I’ve got a big responsibility to ensure that my son will have a balanced and accurate view of God, not just in his head but in his heart.


3 Responses to “Our perception of God, or, a Father’s Day post a little early”

  1. preacherman said

    Great post.
    I believe we view God is the brought into our minds eye by a lot of views. What your parents think about God plays a role? What the preacher preached as your grew up plays a role? How your dad was as a father plays a role as you see God as a father? The love you recieved from others, the church, Christians, ministers, family, values all play a role into the way we view God. Can we change the way we view God? Yes.

    If we were in an abusive house where a father was abusive can we change the cycle of being an abusive father? Yes. So, can we see change the way we see God? I would say, yes. I think it is important with me being a father of 3 young sons, that it is important that I view God as a loving father who loves me with a love that I can begin to comprehind.

    Does viewing God as Father or Calling Him Father make Him any less divine? No way. It makes him that much more close to his creation. I am thankful that I am able to have that Father/son relationship with God and that is what I believe is what Christianity is really all about: A personal relationship with God/Jesus Christ. Knowing Him is what it all about.

    I hope you have a great fathers day and a great post!

  2. Josh said

    Hey, Great Post. I hope you had a good Father’s Day!

    Hey, check out Hairband Idol at Gabbatha!

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