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My idea for a reality show

Posted by Chance on June 11, 2007

I was watching a Simpsons episode called “Mr. Lisa goes to Washington“, in which Lisa wins an essay contest about the greatness of America, but quickly becomes disillusioned when she sees the corruption in Washington.

The show made me think about politicians in general, and it seems that even the honest ones have probably made some moral compromises along the way. Not that I would consider going into politics, but even if I wanted to, I am afraid my Christianity would be compromised. But somebody’s gotta do the job.

A common theme in various Christian men’s ministries is that of accountability in many areas of life, including sexual purity. The idea is to have men keep each other accountable, where they can talk about their daily struggles and their progress in their spiritual life. Intertwined with accountability is the whole idea of openness, keeping one’s daily activities and interactions in the light. The biggest thing tripping up many Christian men is the internet. I use a program called Covenant Eyes that keeps my surfing activities in the open.

I think Christian men should have at least one person keeping them accountable, and their are many verses supporting this idea. (As well as women, I am just speaking from a man’s point of view).

So if accountability and openness is required to be a good Christian person, what about our elected representatives?

So this idea came to me. What if some, or every representative had their own reality show? The gist of most reality shows is that the camera follows a celebrity around and captures the inane details of their life. What if they did the same for politicians? The cameras would follow every lunch with a lobbyist, every interaction with their secretary, their involvement in each legislative session. Not everything would make the show, of course, but the juiciest details would.

I’m sure the idea would never go over. But if I ever wanted to be involved in politics, I would want all my interactions to be out in the open for everyone to see. I’m just not that virtuous.


One Response to “My idea for a reality show”

  1. Josh said

    I’d totally watch it. Cuz I think Barak Obama’s a player. Kidding…

    But you are absolutely right. Politicians and pastors fail every day for lack of accountability.

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