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Posted by Chance on June 5, 2007

Skillet – Comatose. Skillet is one band who hasn’t watered down their sound, despite being at the forefront of Christian Contemporary Music. I like this album better than the previous one, Collide, which was more on the edgy side. The songs are a bit more accessible without being compromising. The album builds a little upon the song “Collide” in the last album, by incorporating stringed instruments in a few songs. Overall, a very good album. My one complaint about this album and Skillet in general is that they simply make their songs too long. They have a tendency to really hammer the choruses into your brain. I recommend this album for fans of hard Christian rock. Click here to preview their tracks.

Everyday Sunday – Stand Up
Another great CCM band with a fun punk-rock (that is, modern punk in the style of Green Day, Blink 182, etc…) style. They have actually released 2 albums since this release, Anthems for the Imperfect and Wake Up, Wake Up! which I will check out when I get the opportunity. Here are some track samples.


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