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Cheers and Jeers

Posted by Chance on May 30, 2007

Cheers to Boston Legal for only doing a 1 hour Season Finale. I don’t know why, but it bugs me that every show feels that they have to do a 2 hour Season Finale Spectacular where something really special happens. Part of me feels like a 2 hour episode should be reserved for only special events. Maybe this is a holdover of my comic book days, where every 5 issues they felt they had to do a super-duper special issue (that also happened to cost twice as much).

Cheers to Lost for the twist they threw right in the end, and the manner in which they did it, and they did so without even throwing in yet another special character to advance the storyline. The last 2 minutes really left me waiting for the next season, as all good season finales do.

Jeers to American Idol. I like the show, and I’m okay with it taking 2 hours to announce the winner. After all, they have special guests and musical performances that entertain. I’m okay with 2 hours. But c’mon, 2 hours and 7 minutes! I don’t know why, but the extra minutes really bug me. Can’t you fit the show within 2 hours?

Jeers to On the Lot for trying to be like every other single reality show. On the whole, I think it is a great, original reality show. However, why does every reality show feel like they have to follow suit and take 5 minutes and a commercial break to announce who is going off the show? And, it’s not really that suspenseful when you have 18 people on the show and are booting off 3. You don’t need a whole hour, especially since we are not that far in the show anyway.


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